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Your trusted Partner in Gardening Services

RnR Garden Angels was born from a deep passion for gardening and a genuine desire to assist fellow gardeners facing unforeseen circumstances that hinder their ability to care for their beloved gardens. Co-founded by Rob Lewis and Roy Goyette, our mission ...

Our Professional Team Understands Your Needs

We deeply understand that your garden is not just a collection of plants; it's a repository of memories and dreams. Our comprehensive set of services is designed to ensure that your garden continues to thrive, enriching your life with beauty and joy. We ...

Unwavering Professionalism

From skilled garden care to precise design and meticulous decorations, we bring dedication and expertise to every project. Your garden's beauty and your satisfaction are our unwavering commitments.

Punctuality is Our Promise

We pride ourselves on timely service. Whether it's garden care, design, or decorations, we deliver on time, every time. Your schedule matters, and we ensure your garden dreams come to life exactly when you expect.

Dedicated to Your Delight

We listen, respond, and go the extra mile to meet your garden needs. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we are always here to ensure your garden experience exceeds your expectations.

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