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RnR Garden Angels was born from a deep passion for gardening and a genuine desire to assist fellow gardeners facing unforeseen circumstances that hinder their ability to care for their beloved gardens. Co-founded by Rob Lewis and Roy Goyette, our mission is to be the helping hands for those who have spent a lifetime creating and nurturing their gardens.

Imagine a lifetime dedicated to meticulously crafting, tending, and nurturing each plant in your garden to its fullest potential, only to see it wither away due to life's challenges that limit your capacity to care for it. That's where RnR Garden Angels steps in, offering a lifeline to your garden dreams.

Our unwavering focus is to become the caretakers of your garden oasis, working tirelessly to restore and maintain its beauty. We take pride in performing every task associated with garden care, from pulling weeds and enriching the soil with compost to clearing away winter debris and rejuvenating overgrown plants. We plant spring bulbs, meticulously map plant locations, and introduce new additions to your garden, all with the aim of rekindling the joy and thrill of your garden, just as you envisioned it years ago.

As lifelong gardeners ourselves, we understand the emotional connection and dedication that go into creating and nurturing a garden. Our commitment is to honor your garden's legacy, following your guidance and knowledge to ensure it continues to flourish. We are at our happiest when we can preserve and enhance the garden you hold dear but may no longer have the energy or physical capability to maintain.

Whether you seek to create a new garden, entrust us with the care of your existing one, or simply need a helping hand in maintaining your horticultural haven, RnR Garden Angels is here to turn your garden dreams into a thriving reality. Your garden, your vision, our dedication—together, we breathe life back into your green sanctuary and into your life, just as you've always intended. Contact us today at (860) 365-0504 to talk about your needs. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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