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February: Pruning and Soil Prep

  • Pruning Time: Mid- to late-February is the sweet spot for pruning most trees, shrubs, and woody ornamentals. Trim away dead wood, shape unruly branches, and encourage healthy growth. Just hold off on spring bloomers—they get a post-flower haircut.
  • Soil Testing: Reach out to your local county extension office for a soil test. Understanding your soil’s pH and nutrient levels ensures a thriving garden come spring. It’s like giving your plants a personalized spa treatment. Soil testing is free of charge in CT and done by the AG Stations in New Haven and South Windsor. For a small fee RnR Garden Angels will collect the samples properly label them and deliver them to the AG Station in South Windsor for you. Remember the results will have recommendations of the amounts of nutrients needed based on a single acre. You'll have to do some math to determine your gardens requirements.
  • Mulch Magic: Add a layer of mulch around trees and shrubs. But beware the dreaded “volcano effect”—keep the mulch 3-6 inches away from the trunk. Your plants will thank you. Adding mulch now will not prevent your plants from thrusting up to the warmth of Spring's sun as well preventing more weed growth any mulch placed later in the season.

Remember, winter isn’t a gardening hiatus—it’s a backstage pass to next season’s show. So wrap up warm, sip that cocoa, and let your garden dreams unfurl.

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